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Health and Safety

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Temple University considers the health and safety of its students studying abroad to be one of its top priorities, as the ability to remain healthy and safe while overseas is paramount to a successful study abroad experience. While no organization or institution can guarantee the safety of participants, the risks can be significantly reduced if program staff, students, parents, and advisers at the host and home institutions all work together. We encourage you to take responsibility in your personal planning for study abroad to ensure a healthy and safe term overseas.

Students accepted to study abroad are provided with a Program Manual, which provides detailed guidelines on how to prepare for study abroad with regard to health and safety. We encourage students to review this information thoroughly and share it with their parents and family.

Student health overseas

Your physical and mental well-being is a fundamental component of a successful and happy stay abroad. Please plan ahead and schedule a check-up with your physician, dentist, counselor, and eye-care specialist prior to departure. Even mild physical or psychological disorders can become serious under the stresses of life while studying abroad and away from regular support systems. If you have a pre-existing physical or mental health condition, we urge you to discuss this with an Associate Director at Education Abroad, as well as the program director or someone on the program staff immediately. If a health related issue arises while you are abroad, staff on-site are knowledgeable of local resources and are usually in the best position to you resolve it quickly.

Health insurance

All students participating in a Temple University semester, summer, or exchange program are covered by GeoBlue Travel Insurance (GeoBlue) (formerly HTH Worldwide)** while participating in the program. Education Abroad will obtain the insurance on your behalf, and the cost will appear on your program bill. 

Temple students studying on external programs are required to purchase GeoBlue.


GeoBlue provides coverage for treatment only outside of the U.S. Should you need to return home for any treatment, GeoBlue will not cover you. GeoBlue covers 100% of medically necessary doctor’s visits and emergency care, including care for pre-existing conditions. Any other medical treatment is your responsibility. GeoBlue covers you for the dates of the Temple University program only. If you choose to extend this GeoBlue coverage due to personal travel abroad outside of the dates of the program, you must enroll with GeoBlue directly and pay them on their website. Coverage through GeoBlue does not satisfy the health insurance requirements of the Affordable Care Act. Further, GeoBlue insurance coverage excludes treatment for injuries sustained during professional sports, high risk sporting activity, and services deemed not medically necessary. Please refer to the GeoBlue Description of Benefits below for the full policy of benefits and exclusions. 

GeoBlue will send an email to your Temple e-mail address once you are enrolled with information about coverage, your certificate number, and login information for their website, geobluestudents.com. We encourage all students to utilize GeoBlue's website in advance of departure to identify contracted physicians in their destination, information about availability of prescription medications in their host country, and more. Parents and guardians can take advantage of the resources available at the GeoBlue website, if their son or daughter has provided them with access.

Download a copy of Temple's insurance certificate with GeoBlue.

Temple University does not provide any other form of accident or liability insurance in connection with the study abroad program. No costs for such accident or liability insurance premiums will be reimbursed by Temple University. The University is not obligated to satisfy any of your medical or medication needs. If you require medical treatment or hospital care in a foreign country or in the United States during the Program, Temple University, its trustees, employees, agents, subsidiaries or affiliates, will not be responsible for the cost or quality of such treatment or care beyond that which is covered by GeoBlue.

**Summer and Fall 2016, and Academic Year 2016-17 students are still enrolled with HTH Worldwide; the name change to GeoBlue is in effect as of Spring 2017.

International SOS

Temple University subscribes to travel advisory and emergency evacuation services provided by International SOS. Coverage is provided to all members of the Temple community on a blanket basis and the service does not require students to sign up individually. Students are encouraged to visit Temple University’s membership page on the International SOS website to familiarize themselves with the services provided and how to activate coverage in the event of an emergency. The University, its trustees, employees, agents, subsidiaries or affiliates, are not responsible for the quality of any services provided by International SOS.

Temple University’s International SOS membership number is #11BSGC000017.

Safety precautions

The U.S. Department of State Travel website provides information on crime and security, health and medical conditions and the location of the U.S. embassy and any consular offices through Country-Specific Information sheets on every country in the world. We encourage all students and their families to review this information for any countries you may be traveling to.


If you encounter a problem while studying abroad, you should first contact your on-site staff or an emergency responder. If unable to do so, please contact us as follows:

  • During regular business hours (Monday through Friday, 8:30 am - 5 pm EST): Call Education Abroad at (215) 204-0720 during regular business hours.
  • Outside of business hours: Call Temple University Campus Safety Services office at (215) 204-1234. Please leave your name, the name of the student and study abroad program, and a number where you can be reached. Campus Safety will contact an Education Abroad staff member, who will return the call as soon as possible.