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Oviedo, Spain

Academic and Cultural Enrichment

Global Temple Conference

During your semester in Spain, you will have the opportunity to participate in several cultural activities and programs designed to enrich your social and cultural life while in Oviedo.

Activities offered through the University of Oviedo

In addition to academic courses, the university’s La Casa de las Lenguas offers cultural programming and organized leisure activities, enabling you to acquire in-depth knowledge of various aspects of Spanish and Asturian culture. The programs and activities also serve to strengthen your Spanish language proficiency outside of a formal classroom setting.
Programs and activities include:
  • a language partner conversation exchange
  • a one week non-credit enrichment workshop which, in the past, has included themes such as cartoon design, cooking, dance, digital journalism, photography, photojournalism, radio broadcasting and storytelling 
  • a film series
  • short story and photography competitions
  • organized visits to sites of interest studied in class

Activities hosted by Dr. Duran

In addition to the cultural offerings provided by the University of Oviedo, you will have the chance to participate in the following activities as part of the Temple in Spain smesster program:

  • a five-day orientation program in Madrid
  • monthly group dinners
  • weekend excursion to Picos de Europa in May