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Although you may be interested in personal development and adventure through study abroad, the heart of study abroad is the academic component.

Study abroad can…

  • provide a new perspective on academics through exposure to coursework based in different cultural frames of reference and/or taught by local instructors
  • expose students to academic content not available on the home campus
  • contextualize learning by linking it to local realities (including community engagement and service learning) and related global dimensions
  • provide guided reflection on different ways of knowing
  • facilitate structured opportunities for comparative analysis, critical and creative thinking, and problem-solving
  • enhance students' country-, region-, and culture-specific learning
  • encourage development of language skills in the context of culture
  • engage students in research projects with local students and faculty
  • offer opportunities for students to give presentations about their study abroad projects/experiences on the home campus and/or at meetings of professional associations

Academic advising

We want you to achieve your academic goals, and the key is careful planning. The study abroad program you choose should help you advance academically, whether it contributes to your major, minor, or is an interesting way to complete a GenEd requirement. Knowing where you are in your academic career is essential to choosing the study abroad program that's right for you. The earlier you get started, the better. 

Course approvals

Students studying on Temple semester and summer programs earn credit for Temple University courses with standard Temple University course numbers. Temple students studying on Exchange or External Programs will receive transfer credit for overseas courses, and will complete a process before departure to have all of their courses evaluated and approved for transfer credit.

Overseas program faculty

GenEd for Temple students

Temple students may fulfill some GenEd requirements abroad. Please visit the specific program's course page for current GenEd course listings. In addition, if you meet the requirements, your World Society (GG) requirement may be waived.