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Academic advising

Academic and faculty advisors play an important role in helping students understand the benefits of study abroad, how and when a term abroad fits into their degree requirements, and what courses they should take while overseas. Study abroad advisors are happy to work with academic advisors to best support students in planning for study abroad. Our office frequently offers information sessions in conjunction with advising units or specific departments. Please contact us if you are interested collaborating.

Learn more about how Education Abroad advises Temple students through the study abroad process on the following pages of our website:

Approval to study abroad on an external program

When Temple students choose to study abroad on exchange or external programs, they must complete the external programs approval process in order to receive transfer credit at Temple for the courses they take overseas. This process requires students to:

  • meet with a study abroad advisor in Education Abroad to ensure that the program they are attending provides a transcript from an accredited institution
  • have each course (and alternate choices) they plan to take while abroad evaluated for transfer equivalency by the appropriate department at Temple
  • receive final approval for participation from their academic advising unit

Once the student completes the program, their transcript is sent to Temple, at which time, the number of credits the student will receive is determined.

Below are some guidelines for faculty evaluators when reviewing courses for equivalency.

  • You should not sign the approval form for any student who has not yet met with an advisor in Education Abroad.
  • It is not necessary to evaluate the accreditation of the host institution, as the study abroad advisor has already done so if he/she signed the front of the student's form.
  • You may request the student supply a course description or syllabus from the host institution or program.
  • Courses may be approved as a direct equivalent to a Temple course or as a lower-level or upper-level elective.
  • You are expected to review courses for content only and should not assign credit to the equivalency. The number of credits the student receives will be determined once their final transcript is received and reviewed. 
  • Students who wish to have their course(s) evaluated for GenEd credit must seek approval from the General Education program.