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Choosing a Program

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There are many program options available for study abroad, and it is important for you to choose a program that fits your academic and future goals, personal preferences, curriculum and budget.

Below is a list of questions for you to consider when choosing a study abroad program and a brief explanation of the kinds of programs and specific offerings available through Temple University.

The initial first step for any student considering study abroad is to attend a Foundations of Study Abroad session. These sessions are held in our office throughout the semester, or online using Webex. We will go over the program options and steps in more detail, answer your specific questions and address your concerns.

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Program models

There are three basic study abroad program models available to students:

  1. Direct enroll in a foreign university
  2. Study centers (also known as island programs)
  3. Hybrid programs that combine aspects of both program models

Program types

Program types are specific to Temple University. There are three basic types of programs offered through Temple, and most of them are facilitated by the Education Abroad office at Temple:

  1. Temple Semester/Academic Year and Summer programs (campuses and programs run by Temple, open to Temple and visiting students)
  2. Temple Exchanges (partnerships with foreign universities, facilitated by Temple University, open to Temple students only)
  3. External programs (programs run by other institutions that are approved by Temple University, open to Temple students only)