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Intermediate Microeconomic Analysis

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An intermediate treatment of microeconomic theory and applications. Topics include consumer behavior, production, costs, perfect competition, imperfect competition, factor markets, public goods, and market failure. NOTE: This theory course is designed for economics, finance, and actuarial science majors with analytic skills. It is required for all Economics majors. It is not recommended for non-majors who earned less than B- in Economics 1101 or 1102.


Students who have received credit for ECON 3701 may not register for this course. This course may not be repeated for additional credits.

Minimum grade of C- in (ECON 1101, ECON 1901, MATH 1042, MATH 1942, MATH 1951, any MATH course numbered 2043 to 3080 (may be taken concurrently), or 'Y' in MATW) and (ECON 1102 or ECON 1902).


Intermediate algebra (at Temple, MATH 0702) with a minimum grade of C-, or equivalent.

Econ 1102 is a prerequisite for Econ 3501 and Econ 3532 and cannot be taken concurrently in the same term.  

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