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Lean Startup: Fast and Inexpensive Ways to Test and Launch Your Ideas

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Strategic Management
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Have an idea for a new product or service? Want to start your own business, non-profit, or social-impact venture? Ready to innovate in existing organizations? Creating something new doesn't have to require months or years of planning and development. This hands-on course will teach you fast and economical ways to get out of the classroom to test your ideas and launch your business. The Lean Startup or Lean Launchpad approach has transformed the way that entrepreneurship is taught and practiced and has even changed how the most innovative organizations in the world invent new products and services or reinvent themselves via innovation. This course will help you become a more proactive and successful entrepreneur and innovator. No previous experience or courses in business or entrepreneurship required. NOTE: Prior to fall 2018, the course title was "Lean Startup: Fast and Frugal Approaches to High-Impact New Ventures, Product Invention, and Innovation."

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This course may not be repeated for additional credits.

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