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Legal and Policy Issues in the Workplace

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Legal Studies
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Social media and privacy rights. Trade secrets. Pay equity. Family-work conflict. Non-Compete Agreements. This course will explore the rights and responsibilities of workers and managers alike by examining the laws, regulations, court cases, and policies that govern the employer-employee relationship. It aims to teach you the basic principles of workplace law and policy while challenging you to question existing approaches to the employment relationship. The course will use cases and questions currently in the news and in the courts to examine the U.S. approach to the workplace: Should employers control employees' access to birth control or other medical care? Can a company perform criminal background or credit checks on applicants without violating race discrimination prohibitions? How would a mandate of paid time off to care for a new child or ill family member impact a business's bottom line? What role should the government play in setting a minimum wage and how does it affect workers and their employers? This course will ask questions like these to help you understand the way in which workplace laws and policy impact society in general and to help you articulate your own view of the employer-employee relationship. Note: Students who have taken HRM 3512 should not take this course.

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This course may not be repeated for additional credits.

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