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Please review the Academic Program page first to understand which of the following course options offered through the Spain summer program apply to you. Pre-requisites are included with each course description.

Course Title Course Number Semester(s) Scheduled Description Notes
Advanced Composition and Conversation 3001 Summer 2023 Continued development of conversation and writing skills. Special attention is given to advanced areas of Spanish grammar appropriate for oral... read more »

Advanced Grammar for Communication 3003 Summer 2023 Emphasizes advanced grammar (including distinctions of tense, aspect and mood; reflexive and passive usage; and pronoun selection). Attention is paid... read more »

Basic II 1002 Summer 2023 Basic Spanish II is a continuation of the work begun in Basic I. The course further develops basic skills for speaking, listening, reading, and... read more »

Conversational Review 2001 Summer 2023 The main thrust of this course is oral practice with grammar review for the purpose of improving the non-native student's oral communication skills. 

Eating Cultures 0837 Summer 2023 You are what you eat, they say, but what, precisely, determines our eating habits and what, exactly, do they say about us? How do these habits... read more »

Hispanic Readings 2002 Summer 2023 Students in this course read a selection of texts representing topics related to the culture of northwestern Spain. Taught in Spanish.

Intermediate 1003 Summer 2023 Intermediate Spanish is a communicative course. More sophisticated grammatical concepts will be introduced and students will continue to develop... read more »

The Cultures of Spain 3221 Summer 2023 The Spanish character as revealed in its language, literature, architecture, history, art, music, and ethnic traditions. Geography and sociology of... read more »