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Rome, Italy

Advanced Photography Workshop

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Fall 2019
Spring 2020
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This course is for students who have previously studied photography and who wish to use historic methods to complement their ideas. The primary medium will be black and white film and will emphasize the development of a personal vision of each student. Projects may also include the production and use of pin-hole or other alternative cameras and investigate their relationship to 16th and 17th century optical devices and images found in Rome. There will be experimentation and investigation with a variety of methods and materials that are not commonly used such as lumen prints, contact printing, and large format film. Along with studio time the class will consist of lectures, technical demonstrations, field trips and group critiques. Students will produce a series of printed images for their final portfolio.

In Rome, this course introduces students to the historic methods and materials of pre-digital black and white photography on location in Rome. Students will become familiar with Italian culture and with the techniques they are using to capture it deepening their understanding of the city and the creative process. Along with photo field trips the class will consist of lectures, demonstrations and group discussions. Weekly assignments will be given and a final portfolio of silver gelatin prints will be completed by the end of the semester. Images will be printed from their personal archive of negatives. 

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Along with a 35 mm camera students are encouraged to bring any type of pin-hole camera, Diana-F, Lomo LC-A or other film cameras. A small number of basic film cameras are available at Temple Rome for limited student use.

Please note that visual art courses will have new department names and course numbers effective Fall 2019 due to a restructuring within the Tyler School of Art. Course descriptions and course content will remain the same. All updates will be posted to our website during the spring semester. 


Digital photography and darkroom photography (at Temple GAD 2441 or 2451 and GAD 3412 or 3414) with a minimum grade of C-, or equivalent.

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