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Rome, Italy

Architectural Design Studio in Rome

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Course Number: 
3234 / 8234
Semester(s) Offered: 
Fall 2023
Credit Hours: 

Architectural design studio at the Rome Campus with noted architectural faculty from Italy.

Emphasis on understanding problems of today’s design in historical urban context. The relation between old and new is examined in projects of architectural elements and small public buildings located in the historical center of Rome. Themes are chosen for their aptness to demonstrate the basic problems produced by the context of the old city, rather than for their architectural complexity. Main goals of the course are to orient students progressively into a partial synthesis of the huge visual material of study that a city like Rome offers, and to promote research on today’s attitude towards historical heritage of forms in the city, as they are the roots of our individual and social cultural identities.

Special Notes: 

Architecture 3234 is the undergraduate level course number. Architecture 8234 is the graduate level course number. 

Course may be used to satisfy one of the upper-level studios [Architecture 3231 (0231), 3232 (0232), or 4332 (0332)] for Temple students, but may only be taken once.


Appropriate background in studio Architecture or Landscape Architecture; a portfolio is required for admission to the Architecture studio course.


Landscape Architecture majors accepted to the studio course may enroll in Landscape Architecture 4147.