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Rome, Italy

Beginning Italian Combined

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1001 and 1002
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The course is designed to meet the needs and interests of highly motivated beginner students looking for a full immersion experience in Italian language, culture and everyday life. The course combines two semesters of language in one course (Italian 1001 and Italian 1002) and is a well-balanced combination of structured classes and on-site experiential learning. Students will learn grammar and vocabulary in meaningful contexts based on everyday situations to make them able to communicate and function in a new environment right away. On-site classes and guided field assignments will encourage students to practice what they learn in class, interacting with locals and exploring the city. A wide range of activities, including a cooking class and a dinner in a Roman home with an Italian family, will enhance the full immersion experience. 

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Students who are interested in this course must register for at least two other courses, for a minimum of 14 credits.

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