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Rome, Italy

Business Communications

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Business Administration
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Fall 2021
Spring 2022
Spring 2021
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Business Communications is a writing-intensive workplace-oriented course designed to help students develop and refine the oral, written, and analytical skills necessary to communicate effectively in professional settings. Students will learn to effectively edit their own writing, understand how businesses communicate to an audience, and enhance their presentation and persuasive skills. Teaching method is small group discussion and workshop. 

What is the value of taking this course in Rome?

Business Communications adapts well to an international environment. Adapted assignments and in-class content will focus on how art and culture function as business, how the EU economic and legal frameworks affect communication, and how companies handle international PR crises. Additionally, assignments will require students to explore their surroundings in Rome. Finally, students will gain immediately useful global communication skills by dissecting cultural variations in common business documents and by researching and proposing international projects.

Introductory human resource management course (at Temple, Human Resource Management 1101 or 1901), or equivalent, with minimum grade of C-. 
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