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Contemporary Biology

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Spring 2020
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Advanced discussion of selected topics. 

Spring 2019 topic: Neurobiology and Immunobiology
In Rome, Spring 2019, this course presents a general introduction about the structure and function of the mammalian nervous system by allowing students to examine and explore the molecules, cells. The course focuses on comparative cognition and abstract concept learning. Students will explore how the use of abstract concepts improves the ability to sort objects, events, and relations into common classes on the basis of shared perceptual, associative, and relational properties and to transfer knowledge to new stimuli or contexts. Additionally, the course introduces students to the study of the molecular and cellular interactions and principles of immune systems. The main subject areas are humoral immunity and vaccine.  

The course uses a series of foundational and topical readings; students are expected to demonstrate development of analytical reasoning by commenting and critiquing peer-reviewed publications on these two topics. 



Introductory organismal biology (Biology 1111 or 1911 at Temple) and introductory cellular and molecular biology (Biology 2112 or 2912 at Temple), or equivalent, with a minimum grade of C.

Non-Temple students who have questions about their eligiblity for this course should contact Education Abroad.

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