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Rome, Italy

Crime and Justice Around the World

Global Temple Conference

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Criminal Justice
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Spring 2022
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Philosophies, practices, and institutions of criminal justice in other countries.

Why take this course in Rome? Crime and criminal justice systems (police, courts, corrections, and juvenile justice) vary greatly around the world. This Rome based course approaches crime and criminal justice from a global, comparative perspective, while focusing particularly on the United States and Italy.  It examines differing philosophies of law and justice, crime rates and trends, and the operation of the major criminal justice institutions.  We examine whether the image reflects reality in both countries?  Where is crime greater?  Where is the system more just?  Where are both heading?

Special Notes: 

This course, CJ 3006 'Crime & Justice Around the World,' was formerly known as CJ 4006 'Comparative Criminal Justice'. Temple students who have already received credit for CJ 4006 will not receive additional credit but can repeat the topic as CJ 3006 'Crime & Justice Around the World' for a better grade if they wish.