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Rome, Italy

Criminal Behavior

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Criminal Justice
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Spring 2022
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Although we like to think differently, committing crime is an extremely common human behavior. From the extremes of armed robbery or serial murder to the ordinary failure to declare income on tax returns or the tendency to speed on the highway, nearly everyone has broken the law and committed a crime at some point. Considering physiological, psychological and pharmacological factors, we explore the influences of family, peers and the effects of alcohol and drugs on the incidence of criminal behavior. And we examine how the urban and social environment encourages (or inhibits) opportunities to commit crime.

Why take this course in Rome? The course will feature the Italian School of criminology, the first to embrace the positivist perspective during the late nineteenth century.  Cesare Lombroso along with Raffaelo Garofalo and Enrico Ferri comprised the “holy three of criminology” and developed a theory of criminality based on the concept of atavism, a biological condition that allegedly renders the recipient incapable of living within the social norms of a society. 

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This course fulfills the Human Behavior (GB) requirement for students under GenEd and Individual & Society (IN) for students under Core.

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