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Rome, Italy

Figure Modeling: Rome

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Fall 2021
Spring 2022
Spring 2021
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This course focuses entirely on the human figure as subject. Along with working from the model in class there will be visits to museums and sculptural sites introducing students to the figurative tradition in Rome: artwork ranging from ancient Greek and Roman carvings to Baroque figures in movement that characterize the cityscape. While the course is designed to help the student develop an understanding of the artistic representation of the human figure in historic and aesthetic terms, its ultimate goal is to have each student develop a personal interpretation of figuration as it relates to contemporary culture. 

In Rome, this course introduces dimensional elements of the figure; the course uses a figurative approach to the subject, focusing on esthetic and analytical observation to issues pertaining to the body and to the main aspects and techniques (additive via modeling, subtracting and constructive methods) related to 3D work in general. Observation of the model leads to understanding of volumes and contours, trying to compose correct postures in space, thinking in the round, modeling shapes that follow planes. Fundamentals of anatomy help learners to understand muscles and flesh insertion over skeleton under-structure.

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Prior to Fall 2019, this course was Painting, Drawing and Sculpture 2633. 

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