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Rome, Italy

Foundations of Developmental Psychology

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Fall 2023
Spring 2024
Spring 2023
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Human development across the life span. The role of genetic factors, maturation, learning and socio-cultural factors on the development of motivation, cognitive functions, social and emotional adjustment.

In Rome, Psychology 2301 focuses on the development of the individual; an exciting process, beginning with conception and continuing through intricate changes of growth and aging. The study of development is intriguing because each of us, and everyone we care about, is constantly developing. This course, therefore embraces both scientific discoveries and personal insights. In this course we review research, theory, and practice in human development. Major sections of this course cover biological and physical development, cognitive development, emotional development and social development. Further, this course emphasizes the influences of parents, family and environment on development.


Introductory psychology course (at Temple, Psychology 1001, 1061, 1901,1996, or 1071), or equivalent, with a minimum grade of C-