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Rome, Italy

Intaglio Printmaking

Global Temple Conference

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Fall 2019
Spring 2020
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This introductory studio course engages students in historic and contemporary printmaking concepts and technologies, while encouraging a multi-disciplinary approach to fine art print production. Students are introduced to a broad range of ideas, methods and materials that focus upon the intaglio printmaking processes, but also include monoprints and monotypes. Initial projects are structured around the more traditional drawing, plate making and printing processes. As students become more comfortable with the fundamentals of the medium, they are encouraged to develop a more personal approach to concept, subject, scale, material and process. Studio projects will be supplemented by field trips to museums, galleries and artist studios to give students first hand experience of the historic and contemporary context of printmaking in Italy. Field trips may include the National Print Cabinet, where students may closely examine original prints by Italian masters, which may include Da Carpi, Canaletto, Tiepolo, Piranesi and others. 

This course includes an overnight academic excursion outside of Rome. Details will be announced in the course schedule.

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Prior to Fall 2019, this course was Graphic Arts and Design 2741. 

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