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Rome, Italy

International Film: Italian Culture Through Film

Global Temple Conference

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Fall 2021
Spring 2021
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A study of the characteristics of Italian contemporary culture through the viewing of emblematic films such as The Bicycle ThiefRoma Città ApertaLa Dolce Vita,C’eravamo tanto amatiNight of the Shooting StarsChrist Stopped at EboliThe Garden of Fizzi-ContiniCinema Paradiso and Caro Diario. Several topics pertaining to historical, social and economic developments of contemporary Italy are discussed, such as fascism, the power and influence of the Catholic Church, attitudes towards women, political instability, rural poverty, the uneasy relationship between north and south, organized crime and the mafia, mass media and communication. In addition to the discussion of cultural topics, the analysis of film dialogues also enhances the student’s linguistic proficiency in Italian. This course is taught in English. 


In Rome, this course is cross-listed with Art History 1148 and Italian 3240.