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Rome, Italy

Printmaking Workshop

Global Temple Conference

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Graphic Arts and Design
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Fall 2021
Spring 2022
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Studies in all printmaking media, emphasizing individual instruction for students of varied backgrounds.

Students will expand upon the historic and contemporary printmaking concepts and technologies through a multi-disciplinary approach to studio practice that emphasizes individual conceptual and technical growth. Rome is rich with examples of innovative and dynamic printmaking: from the traditional Italian masterworks housed at the National Cabinet of Prints and Drawings, to the exciting prints produced by contemporary Italian artists. This course will draw upon these uniquely Italian art forms to strengthen the content of students' work and hone their technical abilities. As students develop a more personal approach to concept, subject, scale, material and process, they are introduced to more advanced printmaking topics. Frequent off-site expeditions, discussion and research will further engage students with the concepts and aesthetics underlying each process. 

This course includes an overnight academic excursion outside of Rome. Details will be announced in the course schedule.


Advanced printmaking course with a minimum grade of C-, or equivalent. For Temple students, specific pre-requisites include GAD 2731 or GAD 2741


This course is crosslisted with Art 3701

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