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Rome, Italy

Professional and International Sport

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Sport and Recreation Management
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Spring 2022
Spring 2021
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The course will cover the current issues related to both professional and collegiate sports. The specific topics will vary from semester to semester in order to address the most pressing issues facing professional and collegiate sports at the time. Issues such as rising costs of stadium and arena construction, increasing corporate involvement, increasing emphasis on younger athletes, increasing concern for security measures, increasing commercialization, increasing pressure for new technology, increasing multiculturalism, and increasing emphasis on benefits-based management will be covered.

While in Rome, students will also approach local issues regarding youth sports (high school and club) and its facilities, fiscal advantages of sports associations, the development of professional athletes in sports such as fencing, rugby, volleyball and cycling and multicultural nationals’ teams. Students will have the opportunity to compare many aspects of the Italian sport system and the raise of athletes into professional sports to that of the USA and debate on important current topics of Italian and International sport. 

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