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Rome, Italy

Seminar: Special Topics in Site and Context: Neighborhoods of Modern Rome

Global Temple Conference

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Fall 2019
Spring 2020
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Beyond the Historic Center lies the Rome that is lived-in by a majority of Romans and has been a great cauldron of experiments in housing and neighborhood design for over 150 years. We will consider the relationship between the city’s historic center and its periphery as well as issues of building typology, architectural style and urban planning that track with Rome’s social transformations of 19th, 20th and 21st centuries. The class will consist of lectures and neighborhood walks that address such topics ‘smart’ cities, walkability, and urban design as a tool of social engineering; the effect of industrial growth on city planning; and the relationship between national identity and neighborhood identity. 

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Please note that we are in the process of renumbering some of the Temple Rome courses. Note that this course number may change effective Fall 2019. The description and content of the course will remain the same.