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Rome, Italy

Special Topics: Contemporary Politics in Europe

Global Temple Conference

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International Business
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Fall 2021
Spring 2022
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This course explores the institutions established in West European nations intended to preserve social stability, produce economic prosperity, and guarantee democracy, asking whether these goals are complementary or contradictory. A country-by-country examination of post-war political development in Britain, France, Germany, Italy, and Sweden. Emphasis on the political problems of the present. Accordingly, the course closes with an examination of the European integration process and the sweeping changes of East Europe affecting all of Europe.

In Rome, this course offers an introductory overview of the main issues facing the largest EU member states and their political systems, with emphasis on the various paths followed in the past century, political parties, electoral systems, local government, domestic and foreign policies: this latter aspect is developed to include an outline of EU enlargement and neighborliness strategies, relations with Russia, regional and global security problems as well as the reality of Brexit.