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Rome, Italy

Special Topics: Human Rights Now

Global Temple Conference

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Political Science
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Spring 2020
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This course explores contemporary human rights by examining these issues as the occur in the Mediterranean area. The course is open to students of all majors and introduces the historical, philosophical and international legal background of Human Rights. By investigating particular human rights, students develop and sharpen critical thinking skills. Sensitive topics are covered and include: migration and asylum, girls’ education and LGBTQ rights as well as themes of terrorism, privacy, polygamy, peacekeeping, torture, and capital punishment.  

Students engage with these topics during in-class debates (Supreme Court of HR role play) and discussions, using information from international media daily coverage, modern theorists and through participation with experts and guest lectures (UN, journalists, movie directors, etc), as well as a powerful visit to a juvenile detention center where they can interact with detainees. 


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Please note that we are in the process of renumbering some of the Temple Rome courses. Note that this course number may change effective Fall 2019. The description and content of the course will remain the same. All updates will be posted to our website during the spring semester. 

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