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Rome, Italy

Special Topics II: Women and Art

Global Temple Conference

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Fall 2023
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Advanced study in a specific area, usually concentrating on post-1900 works. 

In Rome, the course assumes some previous knowledge in theories and practices of art history, but no particular familiarity with sociology or anthropology. The course outlines how the portrayal of the female body, idealized or realistic, has changed through history and has changed, in turn, art, culture and history itself. The idea of “woman” is investigated through its many representations, in art and in media, outlining the way these inform communication of content in different times and different cultures. 

Special Notes: 

The cross-listed course, Art History 3302: Women and Art, was titled "Images of Women" prior to Spring 2017.


In Rome, this course is cross-listed with Art History 3302 and Gender, Sexuality and Women's Studies 3000.