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Rome, Italy

The Art of Sacred Spaces for Non-TU students

Global Temple Conference

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Greek and Roman Classics
Semester(s) Offered: 
Fall 2023
Spring 2024
Spring 2023
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Where do people go to communicate with the divine? Explore with us where and how people of the many different cultures of the Greco-Roman world communicated with their gods. Why are graves and groves considered sacred space? When is a painting or sculpture considered sacred? Whom do the gods allow to enter a sacred building? Can a song be a prayer or a curse? How can dance sway the gods? Why do gods love processions and the smell of burning animals? The journey through sacred space in Greco-Roman antiquity will engage your senses and your intellect and will reveal a mindset both ancient and new.

Special Notes: 

This course is numbered specifically for Non-Temple students. Temple students who wish to take this course will enroll in either ARTH 0803, GRC 0803, or REL 0803; this course fulfils the Arts (GA) credit for Temple students under GenEd.


In Rome, this course is cross-listed with Art History 0803, Greek and Roman Classics 0803, and Religion 0803.