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Rome, Italy

The Mafia in Modern Italy

Global Temple Conference

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2319/2900/CJ 2900
Semester(s) Offered: 
Fall 2023
Spring 2024
Spring 2023
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Organized crime emerged in modern Italy at the same time as the 19th century process of unification, and it remains a topic of heated debate and controversy in Italy today. In this course, we will trace the history of organized crime as a portal to underlying issues at the heart of the modern Italian nation: the relationship between state and society; tensions between national and regional identities; gender, work, and the family; party politics and the rise of fascism. Our study of the history of the mafia also necessitates a study of the history of anti-mafia movements in Italy. Who claims to represent the interests of the Italian nation and why? What is the image of organized crime in Italy today?


In Rome, this course is cross-listed with Criminal Justice 3000, Geography and Urban Studies 4000, and Sociology 3230.

The Honors course listings for this class are HIST 2900 or CJ 2900.