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Rome, Italy

Topics in Ancient Art: Museum History

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Art History
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Fall 2023
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A selected topic from the ancient period in the history of art will be examined. The course examines the phenomenon of the museum from a historical- artistic, aesthetic, sociological and geopolitical perspective.  From one side the course is a museological and museographic course that traces the entire history of the evolution of exhibition space. The lectures begin by addressing the Italian Renaissance studiolo and explaining its evolution into the modern galleries that developed within the modern museum. Subsequently the course compares European museums with the American museums from which the hyper-museums of the 20th century were born. The last part of the course will focus on the phenomenon of the Hyper- Museum by analyzing and comparing this phenomenon in the Western and Arab worlds. From the other side the course will explain how, from the very beginning, the museums have always been used as a political propaganda machine as an integral part of “soft power.” The design and construction of the museum has never been neutral, the museum have always been, besides a cultural institution, a diplomatic player between the nation and/or the cultures and used for the personal or national affirmation

Repeatability: This course may be repeated for additional credit.

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