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Rome, Italy

Youth Cultures

Global Temple Conference

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Fall 2023
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Do you listen to hip hop, spend all your time in Second Life, dress up like a cartoon character and go to anime fairs, or go skateboarding every day with your friends? Then you're part of the phenomenon called youth culture. Often related to gender, race, class and socio-economic circumstances, youth cultures enable young people to try on identities as they work their way to a clearer sense of self. Empowered by new technology tools and with the luxury of infinite virtual space, young people today can explore identities in ways not available to previous generations. Students in this class will investigate several youth cultures, looking closely at what it means to belong. They will also come to appreciate how the media and marketing construct youth identities and define youth cultures around the world. 

Special Notes: 

This course fulfills the Human Behavior (GB) requirement for students under GenEd. 

Students cannot receive credit for this course if they have successfully completed ANTH 0817, ASST 0817 or EDUC 0817/0917.


In Rome, this course is cross-listed with Anthropology 0817.