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Rome, Italy

Special Topics in Recreational Therapy Practicum

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Recreational Therapy
Semester(s) Offered: 
Summer 2019
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Contemporary issues related to new methods and areas of RT practice.  

Why take this course in Rome?

Because this course will be offered as a study abroad program in Rome, Italy, which is a popular tourist destination, the course will include learning activities that focus on challenges people with disabilities confront while traveling and accessing sites. The city of Rome is home to many historic sites that are somewhat difficult to access for numerous reasons, including the ages of the buildings, limited sidewalks, large crowds, etc. Students will participate in activities that afford them opportunities to experience challenges first hand, reflect on what they learned, and consider ways in which they might serve as advocates for accessibility and inclusion.

Graduate students will be expected to participate in research activities as part of their course related assignments.

Special Notes: 

Undergraduates participating in this program will enroll in the Recreational Therapy 0813 course.


This course is open to recreational therapy graduate students. Upper-level undergraduate recreational therapy students accepted to the Plus program and graduate-level students in other fields can contact Dr. McKenney to discuss eligibility for this course.