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Rome, Italy

Painting on Paper (BFA majors)

Global Temple Conference

Course Number: 
3507 / 3508
Semester(s) Offered: 
Summer 2023
Credit Hours: 

A study of the uses of aqueous media beyond transparent watercolor. Opaque watercolor, collage, and transfer techniques, and oil and acrylic on paper are explored.


This version of the Painting on Paper course is open to BFA students only who have successfully completed a second-year painting course and an intermediate drawing course with a minimum grade of C-. For Temple students, specific pre-requisites include one of the following (PDS 2011, PDS 2111, ART 2501, or ART 2503) and one of the following (PDS 2311, PDS 2321, PDS 2331, PDS 2341, ART 2502, ART 2504, ART 2507, or ART 2508).

Course Theme & Academic Area: