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Rome, Italy

Race in the Ancient Mediterranean

Global Temple Conference

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Greek and Roman Classics
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Summer 2023
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Learn about ancient thinking about race and ethnicity and how ancient thinking remains current and influential today. Investigate how categories of race and ethnicity are presented in the literature and artistic works of Greece and Rome. Our case studies will pay particular attention to such concepts as: notions of racial formation and racial origins; ancient theories of ethnic superiority; and linguistic, religious, and cultural differentiation as a basis for ethnic differentiation. We will also examine ancient racism through the prism of a variety of social processes in antiquity: slavery, trade and colonization, migrations, imperialism, assimilation, native revolts, and genocide.

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NOTE: This course fulfills the Race & Diversity (GD) requirement. Students cannot receive credit for GRC 0804 if they have successfully completed GRC 0904.

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