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You will be placed in one of the following courses based on results of the Cours de Civilisation Française de la Sorbonne (CCFS) placement test and a review of your transcript.

If you have any questions about the academic program or course placement, please contact the Program Director and Faculty Advisor.

Course Title Course Number Semester(s) Scheduled Description Notes
Cours Pratique de Langue Française – Elements 1704 Summer 2022 Introduction to the basic structures and vocabulary of written and oral French. Emphasis is placed on the four skills - speaking, understanding,... read more »

Cours Pratique de Langue Française – Intermediate Level 2704 Summer 2022 This course reinforces the basic skills of speaking, understanding, reading, and writing French. Emphasis on composition, conversation and some... read more »

Cours Pratique de Langue Française – Upper Level 3704 Summer 2022 Refines and improves oral and written proficiency in French. Emphasis on tenses, moods, syntax, and the use of language types (informal, colloquial,... read more »

Cours Pratique de Langue Française – Advanced Level 4704 Summer 2022 Focuses on perfecting oral and written skills in French. Emphasis on the subtle points of grammar, syntax, semantics, and nuances and registers of... read more »