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Leipzig, Germany


Global Temple Conference

Prior to departure for Germany, you will register for one of the following courses if you're participating in the four-week program, or two of the following courses if you're participating in the eight-week program, according to the appropriate level. Upon arrival in Germany, you will take a placement test to confirm your level and course.

Please note: students who participate in one course on the program after the German 1002: Introduction to German II (4 credits) level will also enroll in a one-credit independent study in German Studies (German 2011: Immersion in German), while students selecting to participate in two courses after the German 1002: Introduction to German II (4 credits) level enroll in a two-credit section of the same course.

If you have any questions about the academic program or course placement, please contact the Program Director and Faculty Advisor.

Course Title Course Number Semester(s) Scheduled Description Notes
Conversation I 2122 Summer 2023 Study of German language with intensive work in skills required for understanding and speaking. Stress on pronunciation, practical vocabulary, idioms... read more »

Conversation II 3021 Summer 2023 This second level course is designed to build on skills in German oral expression acquired in German Conversation I through special focus on... read more »

Immersion in German 2011 Summer 2023 A one-credit course for students who participate in our Summer Intensive German Program in Leipzig after the German II [German 1002 (0052)] level in... read more »

Intensive German in Germany 3011 Summer 2023 This course may be an option for Temple students who have completed all other courses offered at the advanced level. If this applies to you, please... read more »

Intermediate I 2001 Summer 2023 Review of grammar. Reading and discussion of texts of intermediate difficulty.

Introduction to German II 1002 Summer 2023 Emphasis on understanding, speaking, reading, and writing German. Laboratory and videotapes stress communication skills.

Reading I 2041 Summer 2023 This course focuses on developing reading strategies for the advanced intermediate student. Through theory and practice using a broad range of... read more »

The Contemporary German-Speaking World 2131 Summer 2023 This course concentrates on familiarizing the student with the German-speaking countries: Germany, Switzerland, and Austria. Students explore... read more »