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Art History
Course Title Course Number Semester(s) Scheduled Description Notes
Topics in Art History 2000 A selected topic from a specific period in the history of art will be examined. NOTE: Field trips are mandatory for this course. Repeatability: This... read more »

Topics in International Cinema 2660 Students in this course study a selection of films from modern Europe and Third World cultures which demonstrate both their interaction with... read more »

Seminar: Problems, Period, Style 8430 Selected topics in art history. Past and future topics include Picasso and Duchamp; Methods in Modern Art; Futurist Art and Theory; The Body in Art... read more »

Seminar in Modern Art 8470 Selected topics in modern art. Past and future topics include American Early Modernism, Art Nouveau, Visionary Art, Landscape Painting, and... read more »

Film and Media Arts
Course Title Course Number Semester(s) Scheduled Description Notes
Foreign Studies in FMA 3680 This course is a summer seminar in one of SCT's study abroad locations. It is only available during summers when an FMA faculty member is leading the... read more »

Topics in Film Study 3770 Lectures and screenings on a special topic arranged each semester. Topics may include Film and the City, War and Film, Black Women and Film, Utopias... read more »

Painting, Drawing and Sculpture
Course Title Course Number Semester(s) Scheduled Description Notes
Art Matters 2511 Art Matters is designed for the sophomore student intending to major in painting. The course objective is to incorporate a working understanding of... read more »

PDS Seminar 3596 Group discussion and individual presentation concerning formal, conceptual, historical, and personal creative issues in contemporary painting,... read more »

Independent Study 4582 Independent study is intended as an area of study to supplement existing study courses.