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Sicily, Italy


There will be a combination of in class lectures, laboratory experiences and field trips with on site demonstrations. There will be a series of guest lectures from experts on a specific methodology of conservation of cultural heritage.

Students enroll in one three credit course, depending upon eligibility, where they will explore biotechnology applied to the conservation of cultural assets in Sicily.:

Academic information:

  • Course load: one, 3-credit course
  • Temple students who successfully complete (with a C- or better) credit-bearing coursework worth at least three semester hours in an approved summer or semester study abroad program with a minimum stay abroad of 28-days will satisfy the World Society (GG) requirement.

If you have any questions about the academic program or to request of copy of a course syllabus, please contact Education Abroad.

Global Temple Conference

Course Title Course Number Semester(s) Scheduled Description Notes
Applications of Biotechnology to Historical Preservation 3366 Summer 2023 This course is central to the Temple Summer in Sicily Study Abroad experience, the Sicily Applied Biotechnology Program. In collaboration with Prof.... read more »

School of Science and Technology
Course Title Course Number Semester(s) Scheduled Description Notes
Biotechnical Preservation of Antiquities 0860 Summer 2023 Our everyday understanding of the use of biotechnology is mostly based on its biomedical use, for disease treatments and drug development. At times... read more »