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Taipei, Taiwan

Honors Intellectual Heritage II: The Common Good

Global Temple Conference

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Intellectual Heritage
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Summer 2020
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Students will read important works of social, political, and scientific thought, with a focus on well-being for societies. We will ask questions like: Where does society come from? How do we balance individual liberty and the public good? What behaviors and practices perpetuate injustice? Can we create a better society? How do power and privilege define our capacity to make change? How do we find truth? Can facts be detached from cultural contexts? Note: This course was formerly titled "Honors Mosaic: Humanities Seminar II"; students who received credit for this title will not receive additional credits.

What is the value of taking this course in Taipei, Taiwan?

Taipei will provide a rich historical and cultural context in which to consider these "great books." In this course, we will take frequent class trips to important cultural sites in around Taiwan's capital, making the city our classroom. What better place to fulfill your Intellectual Heritage requirement than one of the oldest cultural crossroads in the world?

Special Notes: 

Intellectual Heritage 0952 fulfills the GenEd Intellectual Heritage II (GZ) requirement for Temple Honors students. This course is also open to non-Temple students. Non-Temple students interested in the honors course should contact Education Abroad to discuss eligibility. 

IH is the two-course core humanities program at Temple which utilizes a small seminar classroom environment to delve into larger human these and issues throughout time. Students read primary source documents, and engage in critical thinking, analysis, and writing, to address the great questions of the humanities. 

Course Attributes: GZ, HO
Repeatability: This course may not be repeated for additional credits.