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Asako Yamaguchi

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Asako Yamaguchi

Areas of Expertise 

Yamaguchi's expertise includes teaching Japanese language at the beginning, intermediate and advanced levels; Japanese pedagogy; and Japanese culture and society (Nihon Jijoo).

Teaching Interests

Yamaguchi focuses on two academic areas within her specialty. One concerns teaching Japanese "in context." She brings social and situational settings into her Japanese classes in the belief that providing context while practicing Japanese helps students acquire better communication skills. The other concerns teaching advanced level Japanese, especially for academic purposes. With her background in political science, she has experience in developing materials for Japanese in social science at the Inter-University Center for Japanese in Yokohama. Since she began teaching at Temple University Japan in 1996, she has worked to meet the needs and demands of Temple Japan students with a variety of learning experiences.


Yamaguchi's research interests include Japanese for academic purposes, communication strategy, and the usage of formal Japanese.

Position Title: 
M.A. in Japanese Pedagogy, The Ohio State University