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Fred Myers

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Fred Myers

Areas of Expertise 

Associate Professor Myers received his formal education in physics and mathematics. However, while living in Kenya and Nepal he became very interested in environmental issues, especially those related to the Third World. He subsequently became involved at the United Nations University in energy and development issues. Fred has also spent more than twenty years studying yoga, including its philosophy and practice, and studied under many renowned yogis.

Teaching Interests

Associate Professor Myers has taught a wide range of courses in physics and astronomy at both the undergraduate and graduate levels while at various universities in the United States, Kenya, Nepal and Japan. He has a strong interest and considerable experience in the area of environmental science, teaching introductory courses on the environment, problems of environmental quality, the state of the world, energy, resources and conservation, and Gaia. In addition, he has taught a number of courses on investigative journalism, musicals, and yoga.


While his major area of research has been quantum electronics and molecular spectroscopy, in recent years Associate Professor Myers has focused on investigative journalism. The subjects he has taken on include a very wide range of science and technology, environmental issues, and government policy.


Position Title: 
Associate Professor
Physics, Environmental Technology
Ph.D. in Physics, Pennsylvania State university