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Karl Neubert

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Karl Neubert

Areas of Expertise

Karl Neubert is an award-winning filmmaker whose expertise includes all aspects and genres of film and TV production, as well as film theory, the history of U.S. and Japanese cinema, event organization, subtitling and Japanese culture.

Teaching Interests

Neubert has taught entry, intermediate and advanced level film production courses, as well as special topic-based classes on subjects such as U.S. cinema, alternative cinema, music video and the portrayal of cis and transgender women in the media. He is also the director of Temple University Japan's Student Film Festival.


Neubert's specialty is the comparative analyses of political, economic, social and cultural influences and elements in film. His current research is focused on how transgender persons are portrayed in film and other mass media, in different cultures.

Position Title: 
Assistant Professor
Film and Media Arts
PhD(c) in Film Studies, Graduate School of Art, Nihon University, Japan