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Marcella Barbarino MS

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Dr. Marcella Barbarino is a molecular biologist at the University of Siena, Italy.

After earning her degree from the University of Naples in 1999, she devoted the entirety of her career to the study of targeted therapies for cancer treatment, building her scientific background with a pharmaceutical company.

She currently manages the “Biomedical Technologies and Molecular Oncology Lab” of Dr. Antonio Giordano, where she supervises large and complex studies and research projects aimed at understanding the consequences of the inhibition of specific molecular targets in defined genetic contexts with a particular interest in pulmonary diseases (mesothelioma, idiopathic pulmonary fibrosis, fibrous tumor of the pleura, lung cancer).

Other activities include teaching, training, supervision and management of graduate students, postdocs and technicians. Moreover, she is affiliated with the Temple Summer Research Program in Siena.

For more information, contact Dr. Marcella Barbarino at marcella.barbarino@unisi.it

Position Title: 
Lab Manager, University of Siena; Adjunct Assistant Professor, Temple University
Department of Molecular Medicine, Biotechnology and Neuroscience, University of Siena, Italy
Academic Specialty: 
Molecular Biology
MS, University of Naples, 1999