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Masaki Kakizaki

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Masaki Kakizaki

Areas of Expertise

Assistant Professor Kakizaki is a political scientist who teaches courses on Middle East politics, foreign governments, and international politics at Temple University, Japan Campus. He also offers a capstone seminar on social movements and contentious politics at Temple University Japan. Prior to joining Temple Japan in 2013, he held teaching positions at the University of Utah and Westminster College in the United States.


His key areas of research are political participation and political culture in the Middle East with a geographical emphasis on Turkey. His current research project focuses on how popular participation in protests and demonstrations has spread in Turkey and what factors explain the rise and fall of protest participation. He has previously published articles on nuclear energy politics, anti-war movements, and party politics of Turkey.


Position Title: 
Assistant Professor
Political Science and Public Administration
Ph.D. in Political Science, University of Utah (expected)