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Minoru Kadota

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Minoru Kadota

Areas of Expertise

Dr. Kadota received his doctorate in Applied Mathematics from New York University (NYU), a school recognized as one of the most authoritative venues for research in the field of mathematics. He has performed research on a wide range of topics, with a focus on the application of mathematical knowledge to other fields. While he was at the International Pacific Research Center (IPRC), he conducted research on the application of information theory and statistics to the field of meteorology in order to assess the effects of global warming. In Japan, he engaged in a project at Kinki University where he attempted to predict the behavior of marine organisms through the application of a stochastic model which was used to predict stock price.

Teaching Interests

Assistant Professor Kadota has been with Temple University since 2013, teaching several mathematical courses in the International Business Studies Major.

Position Title: 
Assistant Professor
Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics, Courant Institute of Mathematical Science, New York University, NY