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Patrick Rosenkjar

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Patrick Rosenkjar

Areas of Expertise 

Professor Rosenkjar is an authority on the following subjects: second-language reading pedagogy; second language curriculum, syllabus, and materials design; language teaching methods; content-based language instruction; stylistic analysis of literary texts; pragmatics, sociolinguistics, and descriptive linguistics; history of English; linguistic analysis of culture; and education of teachers of English as a foreign language.

Teaching Interests 

Professor Rosenkjar has been at Temple Japan since 1988. He proposed and designed several programs of English-language courses linked to undergraduate core courses, including the Intellectual Heritage Labs and what later became known as the START program. Most recently, he has proposed and designed the Bridge program, a transitional semester to introduce second-language students to undergraduate work. He teaches pre-undergraduate courses in the Academic English Program; undergraduate courses in linguistics, literature, intellectual heritage, and American studies; and graduate courses in TESOL methods.


Professor Rosenkjar's research interests include classroom-based research; action research; needs analysis for curriculum development; second language reading processes and strategies; analysis of written genres, both literary and non-literary; and case studies of second-language curriculum and course design. 

Position Title: 
English Education
Ed.D. in English education, with a concentration in second-language acquisition, Temple University