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Areas of Expertise

Dr. Clark has been at Temple Japan since 1992. In that time he has taught a wide variety of courses in American cultural studies and American literature. These include courses in United States cultural history, American film, gender issues, and the experiences and writings of Asian Americans, especially Chinese Americans and Japanese Americans.

Teaching Interests

Among Dr. Clark's interests are the American value system, the history and aesthetics of film in the U.S., the arts—especially modern literature and painting in American society—and Asian American history and literature.


Dr. Clark's research interests include the American writers of the late nineteenth century, in particular the Naturalists and early Realists, and how their stories and styles express the rapidly changing U.S. society of their time. He is also interested in the connections between the arts, between the writings and paintings (and later films) in this and later periods.
More recently, he has been exploring the range of Asian-American writers, with a focus on the Filipino-American Carlos Bulosan and Japanese-American writers of the nisei generation, such as Monica Sone and Toshio Mori. Again the focus is on their writing as cultural productions.
Position Title: 
Associate Professor
American Studies
PhD in American Studies, University of Minnesota