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Financial Aid Process for Temple Students

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Make sure to complete your FAFSA early in the calendar year. If you are eligible, SFS will notify you of your financial aid package and post your aid to your account in the same way as usual. It is not necessary to include your study abroad program on your FAFSA.

Temple Semester and Exchange Programs

Applying for and receiving financial aid for a Temple study abroad program abroad works almost the same as it would if you were studying at any of Temple’s campuses. One difference is that Education Abroad supplies budgets to Student Financial Services (SFS) for all study abroad programs, and if you are accepted into a Temple study abroad program, we always recommend that you take a copy of your acceptance letter to SFS. The staff at SFS can then re-evaluate your aid package based on the budget for the study abroad program you will be attending. Your aid package may be adjusted to reflect any possible increased cost difference.

You can also apply other financial assistance available through regular University channels to your study abroad program costs, such as Veterans' benefits and tuition remission.

Temple Summer Programs

If you are interested in applying for summer financial aid, Education Abroad will supply Student Financial Services (SFS) with a list of students accepted to summer study abroad programs. SFS will review eligibility and notify students if they are eligible to receive any summer aid.  To discuss eligibility for aid, you should consult with Student Financial Services.

External Programs

If you are studying on an external program, there are two forms you need to complete to have your financial aid transferred from Temple to your study abroad program: Approval to Study Abroad on an External Program (Course Approval Form) and a Consortium Agreement. The Approval form confirms you have official approval from the University to study abroad, while the Consortium Agreement is the document that permits aid transferal. Once you complete the approval process, turn in a copy of your Course Approval form to Education Abroad, and download the Consortium Agreement form from your Temple study abroad account. Then forward the Consortium Agreement to your program provider and ask them to send it back to Education Abroad when it is complete.


Remember that your financial aid will be applied towards your bill (for Temple programs) or transferred to your external program when the Temple semester begins. That means you can use financial aid towards any program costs; if the amount of financial aid you receive is greater than your bill, you will receive a refund.