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FAQs for Temple Students

Are you a student visiting from another U.S. Institution? We've answered your questions here: Visiting Student FAQs.

Will I be able to afford study abroad?
It's more affordable than you think! Even though study abroad seems expensive, there are many ways to alleviate the cost. Most financial aid and scholarships can be applied to semester programs. Make sure to reach out to Student Financial Services to make sure all of your financial aid and scholarships apply, as some scholarships or grants have stipulations. Summer aid is not widely available, but you may seek out scholarships, and if you receive an Educational Enhancement Merit Stipend, you may use it toward your summer abroad. Merit scholarships can also be used for semester study abroad programs. Students who receive Temple University Academic Scholarships may apply their scholarship toward semester programs abroad (Temple programs in-full; approved external programs at the in-state rate).

I want to study abroad, but I’m not sure where I want to go.
That’s ok! The first step for all Temple students interested in study abroad is to attend Foundations, the general information session that covers all of the basics of study abroad. There, you will learn about how to choose a program, beginning the application, opportunities abroad, financing and scholarships. Also, you can look at our School/College Program Guide handouts for programs relevant to the coursework you plan on taking on while abroad. Finally, you can also set up an appointment with a study abroad advisor who will help you narrow down what programs to apply for – but you must attend Foundations and meet with your academic advisor first before doing so.

How far in advance do I have to get a new passport?
You will be required to have your passport by the application deadline, as you will be required to submit passport information when completing the visa process. Obtaining or renewing a passport can take up to eight weeks with regular processing or up to three weeks with expedited processing for an additional fee. Keep in mind that most countries require your passport to be valid for at least six months beyond your scheduled departure from that country. United States citizens can obtain a passport application and view procedures on the State Department’s travel website.

If you’re a freshman or first-year transfer student at Temple and have never applied for a passport, make sure to apply for Temple’s Passport Scholarship to help cover the cost of your passport fees.

I’m a Science/Engineering/Math/Pre-med/etc. major; can I study abroad?
Yes! We know it can be difficult for students with strict requirements, but it is not impossible. In our School/College Program Guide handouts we include programs that offer courses in every major, or options for you if you want to take electives or GenEds abroad. Make sure to also meet with your academic advisor to come up with a semester-by-semester plan that includes study abroad, whether it's for a semester or summer. Check out our Advising page for tips on speaking with your academic advisor.

I’m not interested in Rome, Japan or Spain; can I go to a different country?
Of course! If you are not interested in Temple's programs in these locations, you can look at Faculty-led Summer Programs, External or Exchange Programs

What’s the difference between Study Abroad and Study Away at Temple?
Study Abroad refers to the Education Abroad office, the general, university-wide office with programs available all over the world to students of all different majors.

The Study Away Office is run out of the Klein College of Media and Communication and their programs are more centered around Media/Communication studies. All majors are welcome on their programs; however, the credits offered to students are all Klein College-based. The Study Away office provides opportunities in the U.S. and abroad.

I’m a transfer student; can I study abroad?
Yes, it is possible, but you must meet with your academic advisor before applying for a program. This is especially important if you are looking at an External or Exchange Program, since there may be issues with the amount of transfer credits students can bring back to Temple. However, Temple programs all count as Temple credit, so there should be no credit issues for students who want to go to Rome, Tokyo, Oviedo or any of the Faculty-led Summer Programs.

Do I have to know the host language before going abroad?
It depends on the program. Some programs are language intensive (Temple in Spain, Temple’s Germany exchanges, Temple Summer in France, Temple Summer in Germany) and do have prerequisites for language study. However, if you want to go to these countries but do not have the prerequisites, you are welcome to take a look at External Programs that do not have language requirements. Please note that Temple Rome, Temple Japan, other Faculty-led Summer Programs and other Exchange Programs do not have the same language requirements.

I’m an international student; can I study abroad?
Yes, you can – as long as you study outside of your home country (e.g. a student who is from China cannot participate on our Chinese Exchange Programs). As an international student, you may have requirements for your U.S. visa and other international visas, so you should see a study abroad advisor to clarify your requirements.

Where will I live while abroad?
Students have several options when it comes to housing abroad, depending on the program. For example, several Faculty-led Summer Programs require students to stay in arranged residences, while the Temple in Spain program requires its students to live in homestays. For the Temple Rome and Temple Japan programs, students have the option to choose from dormitory/residence living, homestays, and independent housing. 

I’ve been accepted, what are my next steps before I leave?  
Once you are accepted into the program, you will be provided with information regarding dates and deadlines, course registration, arrival instructions, visa information, housing information, and a program manual that includes any other information that you may need for your time abroad. Our office also hosts a pre-departure orientation on Temple University’s main campus. If you have a scheduling conflict on the designated date and time for the pre-departure orientation, don't worry! We also host an online orientation for those unable to make our in-person orientation.