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Rome, Italy


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Temple Rome housing options may vary by term and based on Temple Rome's current COVID-19 health and safety protocols. Check with your Program Manager for information about your term's available options. 

  • Program-arranged apartments 
  • Homestays, with Italian families (not available during Summer II terms)
  • Independent housing (not available during Summer II terms)

Housing is guaranteed for all program participants who submit the housing form and a $200 non-refundable housing deposit by the deadline set for your particular semester. If you and another program participant would like to be roommates, you should both request to room with one another on the housing form. Although we cannot guarantee placements, we do our best to accommodate mutual roommate requests.


  • Temple Rome houses students in shared apartments, located in lively residential areas with many local shops and eateries nearby. The distance to Temple Rome is approximately 1.5 miles. You may walk or take public transportation (short bus or metro ride) to the campus building.
  • Each apartment has:
    • shared bedroom(s) and bathroom
    • a kitchen equipped with basic cooking utensils allowing you to shop for groceries and prepare your own meals


  • Available for flexible students who are interested in complete linguistic and cultural immersion
  • Provides additional opportunities for language practice, as Italian hosts do not necessarily speak any English
  • Private room in an Italian home (typically an apartment or condo)
  • Includes home-cooked dinner four nights a week (Monday through Thursday), and you'll be able to prepare a continental breakfast on weekdays
  • Usually located in one of many residential areas beyond the historic center of Rome, so you will get to know local neighborhoods that the casual tourist never sees
  • Commute to campus, on average, is 45 minutes by public transportation, but may be up to over an hour each way
  • In the case of limited homestay availability, priority will be given to students who have already studied Italian language at the university level

Independent Housing

Temple students and non-Temple students, whose home colleges/universities do not have policies requiring their students to live in University-arranged housing, may elect to arrange their own housing. If you opt for independent housing, you will be required to provide your confirmed housing address (the same address for the entire semester) to Education Abroad at least one month prior to the start of the program.