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Oviedo, Spain


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The Temple in Spain program offers housing in a student residence or homestay during the fall semester, and with a local host family during the spring and summer terms.
After acceptance you will complete a homestay profile which the University of Oviedo will then use to match you with a host family. You will be provided with three meals a day and laundry service. This living arrangement offers a great opportunity to practice the language in a natural setting and have direct access to local lifestyle, gastronomy and social life.

Student perspectives

“Living with my host family has been one of my favorite parts of my study abroad experience. I have enough independence that I can explore Oviedo at my own pace, but I can always go to my host mom for recommendations or just to talk. I've learned about sights around the city, Spanish politics, and local expressions all from our conversations over dinner.” - Sarah Godwin

“The best part of my experience was living with a host family.  It not only helped my Spanish improve immensely, but it was a fabulous way to learn about the culture as well.  And you can't beat traditional comida asturiana made by your madre española!” - Emily della Fera

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